Implants Case Study 3116

Implants Case Study 3116

This case involved the extraction of two retained deciduous (baby) teeth plus Orthodontics to close the space between the two centrals and to move the roots of those teeth to allow placement of two implants. The four front teeth were then restored with full porcelain crowns.

The above radiograph shows the retained deciduous (baby) teeth and the spacing of the front teeth. The deciduous teeth were removed, orthodontics was done on the anterior teeth, and implants then placed. Crowns were placed on the four front teeth.

Original Photographs

Anterior teeth prior to reconstruction of the four anterior teeth. Photographs of individual teeth prior to treatment. The canines were not restored, only the four front teeth.

During Treatment

This image shows the healing abutments in place on the implants. There is an appliance that is removable to replace the spaces whilst the implants are healing. The two front teeth have been orthodontically repositioned to allow for the size of the two implants.

Final Photographs

A close up of the restored front teeth.

The final restoration of the four front teeth following orthodontics, extraction, implants and crowns. The work took about 14 months but was complicated by the fact that the patient lives in Kuwait.