Our Practice

I started practicing in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area in June of 1973.

After graduating from Washington University Dental School in May that year, I came directly home to the place I was raised. I began designing an office in the 44th street and Camelback area while starting to practice with another dentist in Old Town in Scottsdale. I moved into the new office in March of 1974 and practiced in that location until May of 2013.

We now practice just south of the old practice location in an office at 4435 North 44th street.

Our team are professionals. Shannon has been with me for twenty years, and Gina for seven. We’ve all been in dentistry all of our working lives. 

I love what I do and I love the people in our practice. Many people in our practice have been with me for many years and have become friends. Two of my current clients have been with me since the Scottsdale days and have followed me to both new offices. That means they have been under our care for more than forty years.

The bottom line: Practicing in our new office with a group of people I consider family and treating people that I truly enjoy is great fun. I look forward to coming into work every day; it is always fun and exciting.

Building the Office

Phoenix Arizona 85018 USA