Periodontal Disease Case Study 99469

Periodontal disease culminates in the loss of teeth. Looking at the panoramic radiograph above, it’s clear that a number of teeth are hopeless and many more are questionable. This person is at the point where some serious decisions need to be made. One solution is simply to remove all remaining teeth and place a full upper and lower denture. He is 55 years old; if the research from the Mayo Clinic is to be believed, on average, if this person would make that decision, his life expectancy would be reduced by 15 years.

There are options to avoid extraction of all teeth, but they are all expensive, some more than others. The question is: what is 15 years of additional life expectancy worth?

Important Information

Maintaining your teeth in a healthy condition will add years to your life expectancy and make those years more comfortable. Dentures are very poor substitute for natural teeth. Not only that, long term use of dentures or a lack of teeth will allow the loss of bone support making it more difficult to restore as time goes on. A person who has been without teeth for thirty years is almost untreatable.

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