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Implants Case Study 1443

An existing full upper denture supported by implants had a number of the implants fail due to loss of bone. The implants were replaced and bone grafts were done. The final prosthesis is completely implant borne. The final photos wre taken in a five year follow-up visit. The above image is the Pretreatment Panoramic Radiograph.  Upper […]

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Implants Case Study 3116

This case involved the extraction of two retained deciduous (baby) teeth plus Orthodontics to close the space between the two centrals and to move the roots of those teeth to allow placement of two implants. The four front teeth were then restored with full porcelain crowns. Original Panoramic Radiograph The above radiograph shows the retained […]

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Implants Case Study 1648

Five implants were placed in the lower arch to re-establish a functional bite This panoramic posterior radiograph shows the two implants on the patient’s lower left  (bottom right of the image) which have been completed with final restorations. The unfinished cores of the three implants on the the patient’s right  can be seen on the […]

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Implants Case Study 1169

Original Panoramic Radiograph The above image was taken 15 years after the original reconstruction and prior to the placement of implants. Final Panoramic Radiograph Photographs

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