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Vertical Dimension Case Study 99463

In many cases the collapse of the bite is the root cause of a cosmetic problem. In this case the length of the teeth were increased and the lower jaw relation to the upper jaw was also altered to achieve the desired effect.  Pre Treatment Post Treatment The post-treatment photographs were taken seven years after […]

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Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

This Case Study shows the Cephalometric evaluation of facial changes due to TMJ joint degeneration over a 12 year period. The first tracing was done shortly after the first signs of a possible TMJ condition. Over the next 12 years the client returned for diagnosis, but did not undergo treatment. The measured amount of condylar […]

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Reconstruction Case Study 99461

In this case the vertical dimension was increased by approximately three millimeters and the mandible was advanced physiologically. Pre Treatment Post Treatment These images represent the condition 11 years after the reconstruction.

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Partial Reconstruction Case Study 99466

Correction of anterior teeth in crossbite and anterior re-positioning. Crowns were placed primarily for cosmetic reasons. On the upper left the patient was concerned about the exposed metal margins on the premolars, and the lateral incisor in cross bite. She was also concerned with the discoloration due to the silver filling on the upper right […]

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Oral Rehabilitation Case Study 2540

Pre Treatment Appliance and Provisional Records The provisionals are used as a second-order approximation of the jaw position. Generally provisionals are worn for two to six months to confirm a stable treatment position. They are used as the basis for the jaw to jaw relationship of the final restorations. Post Treatment These records were taken […]

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Maxillary Case Study 99459

A Maxillary Restoration. The upper teeth were restored, with follow up photographs taken eighteen months after completion of the work. Pre Treatment Post Treatment The upper teeth were restored to allow for an increase in vertical dimension. Approximately 5mm were added to the posterior dimension, as can be seen in the difference between the space at the […]

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